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Expert Testimonials

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DoctorAujla personnel have extensive experience in a wide range of areas. The following section provides a partial list of the projects completed successfully.

Cargo Damage
A large quantity of sulphur shipped to an overseas port was found to be contaminated with potash. The shipment was rejected and the shipper had incurred significant financial losses due to daily docking fees, unloading, loading and loss of earnings. The scope of work included the determination of the likely sources of contamination.

Unauthorised Dumping
An unauthorised placement of wood waste and hog-fuel on a private property initiated a punitive action by the local government. Expert services were provided to establish the origin, volume and age of wood waste and hog-fuel materials present on the property and to assess whether the fees charged by another consultant were reasonable.

Cargo Damage
A ship of high-grade potash bound for overseas was found to be contaminated with barley grains. The shipment was rejected and replaced. The financial loss was suffered from daily docking fees, loss of contract, and loading/unloading efforts. The project was assigned to (i) examine the shipment and the ship, (ii) sample the material while unloading, and (iii) determine the sources of contamination and possible negligence by operators.

Personal Injury
An individual, while walking in private premises, had accidentally fallen and sustained physical injury. The cause of the fall was claimed to be the slippery ground surface. Consulting services were provided to determine the presence of substances such as oily residue on floor tiles and on soles of shoes that may have been responsible and used by the property owners to polish the floor.

Property Damage
A political figure had parked the car on public transport facility which overnight became covered in white powdery substance which appeared to have damaged the paint work. Analytical procedures were utilised to identify the chemical nature of the powder and how it may have deposited on the vehicle.

Material Failure
An insulation material used in 450 condominiums was suspected to be responsible obnoxious vapour releases into rooms. The residents were asked to evacuate for safety reasons. The scope of work was designed to determine the cause of this problem, specifically, to establish whether the insulation material was in any way associated with the vapour releases.

Environmental Pollution
A large multi-national oil company had leased a private property to operate gasoline service station. Prior to this arrangement, the site had been used for similar operations. The subsurface soil and groundwater was later found to be contaminated with gasoline. Expert services were provided to perform forensic parallel sampling during underground storage tank removal and to determine the responsible party for which caused the contamination.