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Hazardous Materials

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DoctorAujla personnel have extensive experience in a wide range of areas. The following section provides a partial list of the projects completed successfully.

Hotel Renovation, Alberta
Conducted materials survey for hazardous building materials prior to extensive renovations works for a hotel. The assessment identified the presence of asbestos fibres in various buildings and insulation materials. The qualitative and quantitative study marked the areas of concern and developed a remediation plan.

Residential Demolitions, BC
Conducted asbestos surveys for residential properties planned for demolition as per the WCB requirements.

PCB Removal and Disposal
Provided remediation management for industrial operations located throughout BC. The program involved coordinating the removal of over 100 PCB contaminated transformers, removal of PCB oil (over 100,000 Litres), decontamination of PCB contaminated storage facilities, and removal of PCB contaminated transformers in service.

Waste Detoxification, BC
Stabilisation and de-activation of toxic waste. Bench-top study and implementation to evaluate efficiency and practicality of numerous de-activation and stabilising agents.

Lead Reduction Program, Canada
Lead Reduction Program, House dust Cleaning Component — field assessment methodology development pilot program and physical cleaning (decontamination) of 1000 homes contaminated by lead dust from local industries.

Hazaradous Materials Survey, BC
Conducted a comprehensive hazardous chemical and building materials survey for an auto dealership in preparation for the demolition of the existing building.

Contaminated Industrial Facility, BC
Facility audit of a contaminated industrial site for hazardous waste storage practices, equipment inventory and subsurface soil contamination.

Dry Cleaning Facility, BC
Health and safety audit for dry cleaning facility. Compliance review for chemical storage, indoor air quality, odours and vapours, etc.

Compliance Review, BC
Facility audit for personnel safety and on-site contamination. Waste minimisation and compliance review.

Concrete Mixing Plant, BC
Effluent discharge and settling pond efficiency assessment. Compliance review and chemical profile study.