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Indoor Air Quality

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DoctorAujla personnel have extensive experience in a wide range of areas. The following section provides a partial list of the projects completed successfully.

Dry Cleaning Facility, BC
Health and safety audit for dry cleaning facility. Compliance review for chemical storage, indoor air quality, odours and vapours, etc.

Hotel Upgrade, Alberta
Performed real-time air quality assessment for airborne asbestos fibres during asbestos abatement activities involving demolition and renovation of large areas of an existing building as part of the WCB requirements.

Air Quality Assessment, BC
Completed modelling and air quality impact assessment of a Thermal Generating Plant for permitting requirements.

Utilisation Study, BC
Conducted environmental overview; air quality impacts, effects criteria and technology assessment of a 960-MW, gas-fired power generating plant.

Air Quality Assessment, BC
Undertook air quality impact assessment for permit requirements of a pulp mill.

Residential Properties, BC
Conducted indoor air quality surveys to determine levels of VOCs, dust, animal dander, biological agents in an effort to determine the cause/s of allergic reactions amongst occupants.

Rental Properties, BC
Conducted property inspections and surveys to determine pre and post-remediation levels of contaminants associated with marijuana grow operations; surveys were conducted for potential health risks and to recertify dwellings for occupancy permits.

Methamphetamine Laboratories, BC
Decommissioned illegal meth labs following apprehension by enforcement agencies. The work involved identification of chemicals, air assessment, and the property assessment in order to assess the potential hazards associated with handling of materials. This was followed by systematic labelling and storage of chemicals and equipment for safe disposal. The vacated properties were then checked for surface contamination before and after clean up.