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DoctorAujla personnel have extensive experience in a wide range of areas. The following section provides a partial list of the projects completed successfully.

Featured Environmental Consulting Projects

Hotel Chain
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of 19 Hotel Sites to determine the potential for significant and widespread subsurface contamination. Archival search and review, investigation of potential environmental hazards associated with building materials, substances or activities.

Service Station
Phase III & IV investigation of 8 USTs site. Detailed site characterisation of property to determine subsurface soil and groundwater impacts. Soil and groundwater remediation.

Bioremediation of hydrocarbon-impacted soil. Biopile construction, inoculation and chemical monitoring. Field screening by immunoassay applications.

Diesel Contamination
Diesel storage and retailing activities at a service station had impacted a down-gradient hotel property causing millions of dollars’ impact to the hotel subsurface. A forensic environmental investigation was conducted to determine the origin of contamination following which the provincial environmental agency had assigned the responsibility of clean up to the oil company. Risk assessment was conducted at the hotel site in order to obtain a development/building permit for a new hotel building.

Hotel Upgrade
Performed real-time air quality assessment for airborne asbestos fibres during asbestos abatement activities involving demolition and renovation of large areas of an existing building as part of the WCB requirements.

Rental Properties
Conducted property inspections and surveys to determine pre and post-remediation levels of contaminants associated with marijuana grow operations; surveys were conducted for potential health risks and to recertify dwellings for occupancy permits.

PCB Removal and Disposal
Provided remediation management for industrial operations located throughout BC. The program involved coordinating the removal of over 100 PCB contaminated transformers, removal of PCB oil (over 100,000 Litres), decontamination of PCB contaminated storage facilities, and removal of PCB contaminated transformers in service.

Environmental Impact Assessment
Senior analyst, integrated measurement, modelling and cumulative environmental impact assessment of emissions from an oil sands plant.

Fish Inventory and Habitat Assessment
The project included a fish inventory and habitat assessment for the main stem river and ten major tributary streams to determine the impacts of a recent flood events and logging practices in the study area. Opportunities to protect, restore and enhance impacted areas were identified.

Material Failure
An insulation material used in 450 condominiums was suspected to be responsible obnoxious vapour releases into rooms. The residents were asked to evacuate for safety reasons. The scope of work was designed to determine the cause of this problem, specifically, to establish whether the insulation material was in any way associated with the vapour releases.