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DoctorAujla personnel have extensive experience in a wide range of areas. The following section provides a partial list of the projects completed successfully.

Sawmill Remediation, BC
Development of a multimillion dollar remediation action plan of an operating sawmill. Remedial work entailed excavation of contaminated soils, stockpiling and segregation, clean-up operation, and geotechnical engineering for slope stability.

Underground Storage Tank Sites, BC
Decommissioning of numerous residential, commercial and industrial sites with underground storage tanks (USTs) involving assessment of subsurface conditions, removal of USTs, certification of residual contamination levels using on-site screening methods and confirmatory sampling and if necessary remediation planning and implementation.

Bark Mulch Storage Facility, BC
Development of remedial action plan to evaluate the potential risk of wood waste leachate and design of a runoff control system.

Prison Complex, BC
Hydrocarbon contaminated soil remediation of prison complex lands using bioremediation and vapour recovery.

Battery Salvage Yard, BC
Detailed site characterisation and a remediation design for a commercial property contaminated with heavy metals as a result of battery salvage operation.

Education Authority, BC
Underground storage tank removal, decommissioning, environmental assessment and hydrocarbon remediation.

Residential Land, BC
Excavation and removal of heating oil tank. Assessment and excavation of back-fill soil by chemical screening. Remediation of hydrocarbon and metals impacted soils.

Former Fuelling Station, BC
Design and implementation of a detailed in-situ remediation plan to remediate gasoline contaminated subsurface soils and groundwater.

Asphalt Plant, BC
Decommissioning of Asphalt Plant Site. Subsurface soil assessment and management. Hydrocarbon and metal analysis and compliance.

Decommissioning of Prison, BC
Remediation of an over 30 acre site containing hydrocarbon contaminated soil using bioremediation and vapour extraction.

Leaking USTs, BC
Phase III site characterisation, preparation of comprehensive Phase IV remedial options for subsurface soil and groundwater.

Bioremediation, BC
Bioremediation of hydrocarbon-impacted soil. Biopile construction, inoculation and chemical monitoring. Field screening by immunoassay applications.

Service Station, BC
Design and implementation of a detailed remediation plan for soil and groundwater.

Marina and Flight Museum, BC
Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessment with delineation and remediation of heavy metals contaminated soils.

Gasoline Contaminated Sites, BC
Supervised numerous gasoline contaminated soil remediation projects involving building an impermeable containment cell, mixing and fertilizing of contaminated soils, controlling bioremediation parameters and excavation.

UST Remediation, BC
Assessment of UST excavation and back-fill soils. Tank removal and disposal. Chemical analysis and compliance. Remediation of contaminated materials.

Solvent Contaminated Soil, BC
Off-site removal of 1,1,1,1 tetrachloroethylene impacted soil. Project management for subcontracted efforts.

Lead Contaminated Site, BC
Prepared and implemented remediation work plan for an 18 acre site contaminated with lead from battery operations.

Heavy Metal Contaminated Site, Yukon
Supervision of heavy metal impacted soils removal from a 20 acre site. The project involved soil sampling, interpretation of laboratory data and excavation.