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Risk Assessment

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DoctorAujla personnel have extensive experience in a wide range of areas. The following section provides a partial list of the projects completed successfully.

Diesel Contamination, BC
Diesel storage and retailing activities at a service station had impacted a down-gradient hotel property causing millions of dollars’ impact to the hotel subsurface. A forensic environmental investigation was conducted to determine the origin of contamination following which the provincial environmental agency had assigned the responsibility of clean up to the oil company. Risk assessment was conducted at the hotel site in order to obtain a development/building permit for a new hotel building.

Heavy Metals Impact, BC
Stage I and II PSI studies were conducted at site as part of the real estate financing process. The site was found to be impacted with heavy metals and a DSI investigation determined that the impact extended to

UST Risk Assessment, BC
An inventory study of USTs to assess environmental risk for a national client using a prioritisation method for each storage tank.

Facility Process Reviews, BC
Facility process hazards reviews and emergency response program upgrades for BC Pulp and Paper Mills and Chemical Plants.

Refinery Site Assessment
Advisor on project to conduct a risk assessment of five orphaned refinery sites to aid in decision making about priorities for remedial measures.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Canada
Risk management and emergency response to planning evaluation for transport of dangerous goods by rail.

Fish Habitat
In association with an engineering firm conducted a biophysical inventory of the N.E. Newton Pocket study area. The fish, wildlife and vegetation studies were conducted to identify impacts, provide mitigative measures to minimise impacts and provide habitat compensation alternatives. This included a detailed fish habitat assessment for creeks.

Medical / Dental Building Construction, B.C.
In association with another Consultant conducted a biophysical assessment of a proposed Medical Dental Building and parking lot. The project involved detailed negotiations with the fisheries agencies regarding the relaxation of the setback allowances from the top of bank. The project involved quantifying the habitat loss due to the proposed development and the habitat gain by providing mitigative measures including design of a pedestrian bridge supporting the sewer line, design of fish habitat improvements and revegetation of the side slopes.

Water Management
Conducted an evaluation of fisheries resources and passage alternatives for a river irrigation project in BC. Recommended installation of a screw pump to remove large volumes of water and side mounted flap gates to protect migrating salmonids. Conducted fish salvage during the construction of the pump station and alterations to the irrigation ditches.

Fisheries Habitat, B.C.
Conducted site monitoring, fish salvage, vegetation inventory and prepared a habitat compensation plan for a road crossing across a ditch to provide access to a proposed sewage lift station and a water main. Restoration of the bank side slopes and the in-stream habitat features in the vicinity of a new box culvert with baffles was required.

Fisheries Review, B.C.
Conducted a review of fish passage deterrents (acoustic, electrical, louvers, screening) which could be employed at a River Pump Station to protect downstream migrating salmonids. As several of these technologies are unproven to salmonids, intake screening was considered the most effective method of protecting migrants.

Fisheries Impact, B.C.
Conducted an evaluation of the impacts of redesign, demolition and reconstruction of a new bridge crossing a River. The project included design of new fish rearing/ holding pools, preparation of a revegetation plan and supervision of instream construction during the "Fisheries Window". A revegetation of the riparian zone was also completed.