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There are several techniques used for groundwater remediation.  These include Pump and Treat, Bioremediation, Air Sparging, Vapor Extraction, Bioaugmentation, Surfactant Enhanced Recovery, Dual Phase Recovery, and Phytoremediation. The controls used to operate the remediation systems are often used in conjunction with telemetry for remote operations.

The appropriate technique for a site is site specific dependent on the detailed characterization of the property.  The design of a suitable approach to the groundwater remediation is based on the type, level and the fate of contamination.  Our staff has the expertise and experience to undertake any type of site remediation.  We have successfully remediated many simple and complex sites and have acquired regulatory certificate of compliance for the sites.



Our services are routinely provided to a diverse range of satisfied clients which include Banks, Law Firms, Land Developers and Investors.


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