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Indoor Air Quality

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The need for clean air in our homes should not be underestimated. We spend an average of 90% of our time inside; and our homes contain many substances that may be hazardous to our health. Indoor air pollutants range from minor irritants such as dust and animal dander, to major irritants such as moulds and chemical vapours that may be emitted from building materials and furnishings. It is important to be aware of how air contaminants can affect our health and to adopt corrective measures that will improve indoor air quality in our homes.

There are numerous contaminants that are of concern when evaluating indoor air quality.  Some of the common indoor air contaminants, and their main sources, include the following:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): from tobacco smoke, perfume, body odours.
  • Dust, fibreglass, asbestos, gases, including formaldehyde: from building materials.
  • Toxic vapours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs): from workplace cleansers, solvents, pesticides, disinfectants, glues.
  • Gases, vapours, odours: from off-gas emissions from furniture, carpets, and paints.
  • Dust mites: from carpets, fabric, foam chair cushions.
  • Microbial contaminants, fungi, moulds, bacteria: from damp areas, stagnant water and condensate pans.
  • Ozone: from photocopiers, electric motors, electrostatic air cleaners.

It is common for people to report one or more of the following symptoms:

  • dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin,
  • headache,
  • fatigue,
  • shortness of breath,
  • hypersensitivity and allergies,
  • sinus congestion,
  • coughing and sneezing,
  • dizziness, and/or
  • nausea.

We have the expertise to conduct comprehensive indoor air quality assessments to assist our clients in having healthy living environment.



Our services are routinely provided to a diverse range of satisfied clients which include Banks, Law Firms, Land Developers and Investors.


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